We install solutions for government, universities, municipalities, churches, restaurants, and homeowners. For thirteen years, our company has built equipment of which to be proud.

Every installation is scoped based on the space to be controlled, available budget, and the ability to provide a superior performance. We evaluate the space to develop systems to achieve sonically superior sound, easy control interfaces, and rock solid long-term performance.

Our company designs solutions that balance performance acoustical superiority with the constraints and opportunities that each unique space provides.


Vox Public Audio was founded by Jeff Bezdek and Bo E. DeCaulp in 2003. The company was initially conceived to provide sales and installation solutions for the Roland Music Corporation. Bezdek engineered custom acoustical solutions for installations for Roland’s organ division, the Rodgers Organ Company, based in Portland, Oregon. Bezdek also designed and sold bell-ringing solutions for bell towers.

There is probably no greater challenge that attempting to upgrade existing controls to recreate the sound of a pipe organ or control the electromechanics of ringing dozens of bells. As the company reputation grew, Bezdek was approached by clients to help address acoustical anomalies. The requests for help grew in number and Vox hired more people and diversified to address that need.  Starting primarily with church’s and large public spaces, the company began to realize that there was a large market of discerning customers who expected something better than was generally offered.